Currently Seeking - Community Ambassadors


The vision of Urban Co-Lab is to build national centers for entrepreneurial activity and innovation that serve as a catalyst for the revitalization of historic yet rapidly evolving corridors throughout the nation.  By leveraging some of the brightest and most diverse minds, Urban Co-Lab aspires to create positive and community-centric entrepreneurship spaces for companies creating sustainable, scalable solutions to education, housing, transportation and other areas of importance to urban corridors creating disruptive advancements for global communities and the local economy. 


The Community Ambassador's role is a front facing, operational position. As a lead, your responsibility is to receive members and guests into our space, making them feel welcomed, connected, and armed with the resources they will need to make the change they wish to see. Community Ambassadors provide excellent customer service and create an environment that allows for collaboration, engagement and productivity. Community Ambassadors ensure members receive the utmost value from their experience at Urban Co-Lab.


  • An unlimited coworking membership (access to our building Mon - Fri 8am-8pm, valued at $225/month);
  • Curated, thoughtful introductions to the movers and shakers in the Austin social enterprise community when requested;
  • Following completion of session, references from core team members to put on your resume going forward;
  • Opportunity to help establish East Austin as the epicenter of social innovation. 


  • Attend and plan bi-weekly weekly community group meetings for Community Ambassadors
  • Man Urban Co-Lab facility from 8AM to 5PM daily Monday - Friday
  • Coordinate programs, events and activities at the space
  • Conduct meetings with key stakeholders and community members serving as the representative for Urban Co-Lab Austin.


  • Manage the facility. Responsible for opening and closing space. Ensuring that community members have access to the space during operating hours.
  • Greet everyone who comes into the space, and provide tours for new members and interested folks. This means greeting and chatting with members that come in for their workday or pass through for meetings, and also providing tours throughout the space for curious guests or public that wander in to see what our space is all about.
  • Keep it organized. You’ll work through the checklist to open and close the space, as well as keeping things organized. You’ll also help to keep the space stocked, whether it’s paper for the printer or coffee for the maker. 
  • Answering questions. A big portion of your role will be to help members and guests with any questions they have regarding our space and amenities. As the primary go-between for members and guests, you’ll be responsible for informing the process of refining our community amenities and procedures.
  • Introducing members to each other. One of our biggest assets is our extensive member community. But, how do these people meet each other and know what the other has to offer? This is where you come in. Our leads are the key to building a connected, impactful community. With so many incredible people coming in and out of our space every day, a lead’s primary task will be knowing, introducing, and connecting other members with each other.
  • Random acts of kindness. Is it someone’s birthday today? Did a member just close a big deal for their organization? Is it a holiday, or just Monday? It’s your job to recognize these achievements, both big and small, and to spread the love.


  • Awesome. Observant, dependable, independent, smart, self-starting, and socially conscious; you don’t have a problem helping out or taking the lead with logistics around the space, and you love to be around other people.
  • You like to have fun and are creative; you understand that we want to make our members feel great, and are excited about that mission!
  • You also know your schedule well enough to know when to say no to an opportunity like this, in order to fully respect the time this position requires. Most of all, you enjoy helping others in many different ways and contexts.


  • Exceptional communication skills: written, verbal, and personal.
  • Ability to be an active listener, mediator, and facilitator.
  • Ability to invite, engage, and convert interested people into members.
  • Strong organizational skills with exceptional attention to detail.
  • Comfort and facility with technology (A/V, computers, wifi, printers); email; google apps.
  • ·Knowledge of the various business and social impact sectors in Austin and knowledge of issues critical to members and their different areas of practice.

Does this sound like you? Get in touch today. We’ll be accepting applications until April 22, 2016.  Apply below...


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Please provide a description of previous employment including: name of company, website, title and role.
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