Urban Co-Lab Partners with Civic Hack to Host Meetups Focused on Civic Innovation

Austin, TX - January 6, 2016 - Urban Co-Lab, a socially missioned community for urban innovation, is proud to partner with Open Austin to host “Civic Hack Saturdays”. Civic Hack Saturday is a hands on meetup for “hackers" interested in contributing to civic apps. Developers, designers, writers, data analysis, policy wonks and people of all skill levels are encouraged to attend.

"In order to grow an ecosystem of non-profits, social start ups, mission-driven enterprises, volunteers, and government departments focused on addressing the biggest problems in Austin, we need spaces like Urban Co Labs that open their doors to everyone to come build and learn with technology and design," says Open Austin Brigade Captain, Mateo Clarke. 

The first event will take place this Saturday, January 16 from 9am to 2pm. For more information, including a link to RSVP, click here.

About Urban Co-Lab:

Urban Co-Lab is a co-working space and incubator designed for community change-makers and innovators looking to create solutions for urban problems throughout the nation. Our goal is to build a center for entrepreneurial activity and innovation that serves as a catalyst for the revitalization of a historic yet rapidly evolving corridor in Austin, the East 12th Street district.  

About Open Austin:

Open Austin is a citizen volunteer group that promotes open government, open data, and civic application development in Austin, TX. Open Austin was formed in 2009 by citizens interested in the City of Austin web strategy and approach. Through a series of conversations, common ground was developed between the City and Open Austin to work together in a formal and recurring way. A strategic alliance was formalized between Open Austin and the City, expressing our mutual interests to partner, innovate and improve on these civic issues.