10 Things You Didn't Know About Urban Co-Lab

Guest Blog Post by Ruben Cantu

10) Most people drop by and think that we’re a restaurant or bed and breakfast, which makes for an interesting discussion afterwards. For the record, there is no bed nor breakfast here however there are great breakfast tacos in the back at Haddies Food Court and a nice sofa to take a snooze when no one is looking.

9) There is some mean gumbo and po’boys down the street, and people have been known to take lunch and come back in a food coma. Just know you have been fairly warned about the magic of that place.

8) There is abundant parking across the street, in fact it is usually big enough to do donuts when everyone is gone. However I am not condoning this behavior and I will stop here before I incriminate myself. #ipleadthefifth

7) The biggest expense for the management is the small coffee cups here. The co-workers here like expensive Keurig cups and there have been tiffs on who keeps stealing the french vanilla creamer.

6) We can neither confirm or deny of the shenanigans that happen after 5 pm when it’s closing time. Lets just say there is a lot of music, laughter and subtle pranks. Actually all those things happen sporadically throughout the day as well. It’s a good thing we have a manager who gets all back on focus.

5) The prices to work here are so reasonably affordable that you can actually afford to go out in the neighborhood afterward and live a little. I actually learned how to say hipster in french the other day while out for dinner. #nojudgement #ouioui #eastaustin

4) The companies who work here are truly focused on changing the world and facing some of the toughest issues that our community is dealing with. You have companies focus on mental health to educational access to creating curriculums for social entrepreneurs. #socialgood

3) At about 12:30 pm you might get a surprised delivery from 12th Street Bakery in the back with some magical vegan gluten-free donuts. I am told they have no real calories either, so there is no guilt. #dontburstmybubble

2) The events here at night are lively and attended by a cross section of the community focused on environmental issues to fostering new community connections. I am told there are also some spirited concoctions made as well. #whathappensaturbancolab

1) The founder is known to come in the mornings singing gospel music. We as a community are still trying to decide if that is a good thing or not. #youhavetobeheretounderstand #ummhmm


About Ruben Cantu

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Ruben Cantu is a serial social entrepreneur and award winning filmmaker and public speaker who is the Executive Director of Austin+SocialGood and CEO of CORE Media Strategies. With a background in RTF, marketing, technology commercialization and social impact strategies his work spans both domestic and international arenas. You can catch him around town at events preaching the gospel of the triple bottom line and other social conscious dogmas. If you see him, say hello and ask him about the best tacos in town.