Urban Co-Lab Internship Program

The Urban Co-Lab Internship Program acts as a pipeline of access between educational institutions and the startup world by providing opportunities for students in the form of college internships to work alongside social entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries including but not limited to technology, media, and nonprofit sectors.

The program has three essential components: 1) Internship, 2) Mentorship, 3) Workshops.

  1. Internship: Students are placed with organizations that are involved in the tech, startup, and social entrepreneurship sectors in Austin and have memberships that work out of the Urban Co-Lab.
  2. Mentorship: Interns will be matched with a mentor to discuss career, professional, and personal development biweekly. In addition, they will benefit from the Urban Co-Lab’s network of community ambassadors, members, and events.
  3. Workshops: There are a series of monthly workshops focusing on career development and cover topics such as networking, workplace behavior, how to dress, resume writing, and others.

Fall 2016 Internships

Internships for the fall semester of 2016 will be available with four organizations for a total of five positions.

Please note that the application deadline has been extended to September 20th!