July EmPower Hour: Rethinking College with PelotonU

Join us for Urban Co-Lab's EmPower Hour!

The EmPower Hour is a monthly event series which features different ideas, leaders, or organizations which make positive impacts in the community and around the world in innovative and sustainable ways.

  • In  roundtable style, attendees are connected to organizations and speakers with an opportunity to learn firsthand about innovative programs addressing social issues, the origins/journey of the organizations and speakers, and lessons the attendees can apply to their own life and work.
  • The series provides an opportunity for education and conversation, allowing participants to walk away more connected to other social entrepreneurs and more inspired to tackle the big issues ahead.
  • Each month focuses on a different topic related to issues facing urban environments and the global community, including but not limited to: sustainability, crime & safety, healthcare, diversity, infrastructure, and civic engagement.

The month of July will focus on College Accessibility with speaker Reagan Pugh of PelotonU.

By addressing the traditional barriers to secondary education, PelotonU seeks to provide a model that challenges the status quo of college education and makes a university degree accessible to anyone. Speaking on behalf of PelotonU, Reagan Pugh will provide information about the program, insights into the importance of accessible college education, and thought-provoking considerations for the everyday social entrepreneur. Serving as a College Completion Advisor at PelotonU, Pugh will also pull from his experience as a college professor, Teach for America corps member, and personal story to demonstrate the unique approach and necessity of an organization like  PelotonU.

Whether a social entrepreneur, local community member, or simply an interested party, the EmPower Hour provides fresh perspectives to ongoing problems and lessons you can apply to your own ventures and daily life.